Trust us with your website

The purpose of your website is to assist you and your business, not to make your day-to-day activities more difficult. WEBMEDIC services are designed so that you never again have to worry about your website. Within an all-encompassing maintenance and operation framework, we undertake every task – from virus monitoring all the way to targeted optimization – and repair necessary to ensure the continued smooth functioning of the website.

But we are not afraid to try out new approaches! We are ready and willing to take on innovative, customized website development, naturally keeping in mind effectiveness and the user experience. Our developers combine art and science because in addition to building tasteful, visually attractive web interfaces, effective UX, SEO and conversion are at least as important. Right from the planning stage of small websites up to large webshop implementation, we devote considerable attention to adapting to the latest trends and perfecting the user experience.

We are able to supply a unique operator and developer background that represents a convenient, safe, cost-effective solution to website operator tasks that come up every day.

Our cohesive team is reinforced by experienced programmers and systems administrators, for whom solving various operational and maintenance problems has now become an everyday routine. Whether it’s refreshing a WordPress page, setting up protection for a hacked website or long-term maintenance, our colleagues have all the answers. We are proud of our flexibility and customer orientation, thanks to which we are able to offer our clients rapid and genuine support.

Supported systems

We can handle issues either in an open-source code or a proprietary environment. Whether it’s content management, an update or optimisation, you can rely on us.