The goal of the SEO activity is to move forward your webpage among organic (free of charges) results and to increase the visitors arriving from the search engines.

We offer a solution for the following tasks:

During search engine optimization we adjust the websites to the expectations of the search engines and users. The key for the successful online marketing is not only the SEO but also a well-built webpage and webshop.

The Google ranking is affected by specific aspects. The aspects are: how often does the expression searched by the user appear, how much can be found and what kind of user experience is provided by the webpage.

The search engine takes into consideration whether the webpage is easy to use, is the loading speed fast enough, is it shown appropriately on mobile device or tablet.

The content, the links and the technical requirements determining the placement of the webpages on Google so the income of the enterprises as well. The search engines are in a constant change. They twist a little in the formula and the list of the hit orders has already changed.

Our team has years of experiences in the field of SEO projects. We are also participating search engine optimization of B2B webpages, web shops and B2C services currently.

Our clients are multinational companies, and small-, medium enterprises as well. The biggest advantage of our service is that we not only help our clients in the construction of traditional SEO tasks, but we also fulfill the configuration of the web analytics. The results this way are constant and measurable.

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