You’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Now you can sit back and relax. Your website is in good hands now. The WebMedic team consists of experienced programmers (backend/frontend) and graphic designers (UI/UX designers). We have a dynamically growing staff.

We offer solutions to the following:

What are the website maintenance services we offer?

The technical background of website maintenance, or
"How the WebMedic team works"

For all the websites we manage, we create a local development environment with the same technical parameters as the relevant website. We use a version control system when we start maintaining your website, we save the initial version, which completely eliminates the risk of data loss. All the development is carried out in a local environment and undergoes intensive testing. There is no way your website starts to malfunction.

Our highly trained developer team pays close attention even to minor details.

We are committed to giving you what you really need. Our team performs all the tasks of website management. We only need to assess your needs and examine your website. Contact us and we will get in touch within no more than 1 working day.